Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Windows Vista - A giant step ahead for Microsoft - a step back for the common users ?

This article is about the pros and cons of Windows Vista, for as much as there are pros ...

My system specs:

Athlon 64 3800 +
Ram 512
GeForce 6600 GT SLI 128 mb grafic card

- I think it is time (NIMHO) not in my humble opinion, that Microsoft developers, Bill Gates and the whole damn Microsoft sluggish machine installs Fedora Core 4 or Ubuntu or Debian and starts taking notes on how operating systems are built.

Instead of getting better, their OS's are getting worse. The problem is that they field a semi-completed operating system for the whole damn customer market, regardless of the needs of those customers. An MCSE has different needs for windows than an 18 year old gamer.

With a Linux installation (let's take the Fedora Core example) you get to choose what type of installation you like, and it will be loaded with the optimal configuration needed to that user
:Desktop, Server, Dedicated server, etc...

So here's my roundup and evaluation of Vista: In short : IT SUCKS !!!

why, and what can be done about it ?

a) Get rid of the Media Center. It hangs most of the time and when it hangs a hard reboot is necessary. I can no longer launch the Task Manager to kill the bugger, which will provide me with a next up boot time of about 5.17 minutes (!!!).

b) A lot of Windows users are using windows only for 1 reason - Their favorite game does not run on Linux -

Bill, Make a special install setup for gamers only. No unneccesary services, -just enough to surf the internet, directX support, Direct3d support, print support, and a firewall that remembers the user's choices, like zonealarm Pro. Driver support is good in Vista, at least for my rig.

c) A program files folder, where I have FULL ACCESS rights as an admin user, just like XP. (very annoying if you cannot copy a modification to a game because of these freaking permission settings).

d)The popup boxes with information like "your computer might be at risk", and "updates are available" are simply annoying, get rid of them or at least a means of disabling them, THEY SUCK !!!!".

e)Boot up time of Vista is too long. In optimal conditions I have a startup time of 02.17 minutes that is tooooooooo bloooooody long. I guess Big Bill must be drinking a lot of coffee while waiting for his windows to boot.

f)Why is Internet explorer 10 detecting my proxy settings EVERY SINGLE time I start it up ? does Ie 10 come with alzheimer or what. Very annoying as well.

g) What in the world were you thinking, when you implemented UAC ?

I am logged in as administrator, and Vista asks me for credentials ? Now I have another problem, I am logged in as administrator, and if I want to desinstall an application after the update, it tells me "you need administrator priviledges to uninstall x". I cannot access my Control Panel anymore. When I run "secpol.msc" all the UAC shit is disabled, but it shows enabled on the security center screenie.

What is wrong with Microsoft ?

h) And last but not least, WHY IS IT SO F*cking SLOW ????? even with Aero off, it takes ages to show me my windows explorer.

Hey Bill, you could have spared yourself the ressources and the money you paid to those Vista developers and hired 2 whiz kids to beef up the grafical look of windows XP. It sucked too, but at least it was fast if you got rid of the unnecessary services.

SO VISTA TEAM, BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD, and make a FAST os, because unproductiveness is a waste, and time is money !!!


Last thing I want to say: The whole Vista Evaluation thing is puppetry. Let me explain.

Microsoft is a billion Dollar company, and probably one of the richest companies on the planet. It got rich, not because it made the perfect OS, NO !
It got rich because they not only sell licenses to use their bits and bytes on every corporate PC, but they also sell support contracts. As long as their baby (windows) is buggy, the corporations that use their software will need support and will pay big bucks for this support.

Bill doesn't care about those peeps, who use an illegal version of windows at home, they will never buy a support contract, and therefore, will not make him rich.

Linux doesn't work that way: The OS is free, and there are enough peeps on the net who are willing to help and develop free of charge what is needed. It's a bit more chaotic, but at least it's less prone to viruses, malware, spyware etc...

Hopefully the Cedega team can make a DirectX version that supports all games on Linux, and our slavery to Microsoft will be over.


At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your a complete tool, 512 mb reason your piece of crap runs slow, get another reviewer this guys a jerk

At 7:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

512? go back to windows 98!

At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LEARN HOW TO SPELL! Or at least use spell check you tool. You might have a good point here but its lost in your grammar and spelling.
Secondly, NO ONE FUCKING RUNS LINUX BECAUSE IT SUCKS! I love it for servers but for a desktop? Come on, its not "just about games" you retard, its flash, its quicktime, its the fact that I have to edit 100 config files to get a USB drive to work if it doesn't detect it right.
Switch to a mac like the rest of the world and stop giving a fuck what MS does.
Ignore them and they will go away.

At 2:01 AM, Blogger klamatter said...

Open the shinny

At 2:11 AM, Blogger klamatter said...

I can suggest a foolproof method to install it.(Linux was never this easy)

1. Open the Vista Case Read the instructions
2. Start the PC
3. Open the shinny new case again and remove the shiny new disc.
4. Place the disc in the DVD Drive and close the door.
5. Something starts. (Amazing)
6. Follow the onscreen instructions If you get lost or unsure do step 1 again
7. 1 hr later on a slow machine with only 512 MB RAM and hey presto it must be magic it works.

What's so hard with that. I am an old fart and it it worked for me first time. I simply followed the instructions, Maybe you should try the easy 7 Step installation method above. Remember you can do step 1 as many times as you like even whilst doing the other steps. (Ah multitasking)

If you could get linux up an running with all the ease of the seven step method above then maybe but not just yet.


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