Saturday, July 08, 2006

Program Files folder in Microsoft Vista read only

Instead of making everything easier, they tend to enjoy making things harder for the users of Windows at Micro$oft.

For example:

I have always loved simulation games, beside RTS. So I decided to install Mechwarrior Mercenaries 4 on Vista. I do a quick install, which installs the game in C:\program files\microsoft games\mechwarrior mercenaries.

I patched it with the official point release patch from M$ and that went fine.

I cannot install it on C:\Mercs , or a folder of my choice because the Mechwarrior Clan and Is packs (official Microsoft add ons) don't want to install it there. The installation of both add on packs keeps giving me an error message of MW4 vengeance is not installed on your pc.

The problem is that with winXP everything went fine and you could write/read/execute automatically in the program files folder.

If I want to install the mechpacks from they give me an error, because they cannot overwrite a file in the MW4 Mercs installation.
Reason: Program files is read only. Super !!!

If I want to change the permissions, even as an admin, Vista tells me I don't have the privileges to do so.

Bloody hell, I am logged in as administrator

Thanks a lot again Bill !


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