Saturday, July 22, 2006

Here's how Microsoft got rich... a little story and not so far from the truth, alas

Salesman: "Hello sir, let me introduce you to our new product, the car that runs on water."

Customer: "ooh, that's nice, can I take it for a spin ?"

Salesman: "Of course you can, in fact you can take it home, and enjoy it, for free, in all its glory for an evaluation time of 14 days."

Customer: " Really ???, that's astounding"

Salesmen: "Oh yes, but you will need to phone our helpdesk to get a key to start it, however."

Customer: (frowns) " oh, ok!"

14 days later.

Customer steps into the Microsoft car-showroom, and is utterly pissed off.

Salesman: "Oh hello sir, So nice to see you again. What do you think about our new car? Isn't it splendid ?"

Customer: "you said this car runs on water ???, well I've got news for you, It doesn't. It runs on petrol like any ordinary car."

Salesman: "Strange... were there any problems ?"

Customer: "Well of course there were problems, I filled 'er up with water, and it just stopped working. Besides, It's slower, and what's worse, the controls are all in a different place, compared to your previous models. Furhtermore it kept asking my permission every single time for every action I undertook. "

Salesman: "Well yes sir, that's called 'evolution', and what did you do then ?"

Customer: "Well, I phoned my uncle, who is an inventor, to solve the problem. He built a completely new engine, got rid of the old one, the controls are back in the right place, it doesn't annoy me with the 'you-need-administrator-priviledges-to-perform-this-action-are-you-sure ?' question every time I decide to use the brakes, and now it runs on water like a charm. This car is now much more user friendy than before, and everyone will love it."

Salesman: "That's just perfect sir, well you see, it's so nice that you took time to evaluate our product. You know that here at Microsoft, we listen to our customers, could I have they keys back, please?"

Customer: "What ???"

Salesman: "Thank you for evaluating our lovely product. Be sure to buy up on the upgraded version of our car, who will be on sale next year in June. Thank you very much sir.
And remember.... stick with Microsoft."


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