Saturday, July 08, 2006

The definitive guide to install MS Vista 2 Build 5384 and controlling the Time Bomb

IMPORTANT NOTICE. The downloads on this page of windows vista no longer work. Microsoft has removed the files. Keep ur DVD safe.

For those who want to tweak Build 2 5384 you can find a guide, on how to get rid of the annoyances Microsoft put in Vista by going here. I have used the guide myself.

For those who want to go directly to the installation of Microsoft Vista Beta 2 and the timebomb hack: goto MARK 2.



0. I have found this solution on the net, and decided to put it as a guide on this blog. This is certainly NOT my invention, and the credits for this "work-around" certainly don't go to me.

1. This readme is meant for people who can't phone Microsoft to get a key for VISTA... hum, sorry, XP (because they live outside the US) and I am trying to help people enjoy Vista as much as I do and as much as Microsoft allows us to.

2. To all Microsoft employees, shareholders and also to Bill Gates and his henchmen, who happen to read this blog, I have this to say:

- I think it's particularily lame to ask a serial number during the installation of a BETA. If your product is bug-free, in the install as well as in the continuous running process, then, and only then you are entitled to ask a fee for your hard work. Otherwise it's back to the drawing board and come back to play when your homework is finished, Billy-Boy.

- If companies like Microsoft are allowed by law to toss crippleware over the wall that has not even been properly tested and ask money for it from the hard working taxpayer, well, they deserve everything they get.

For the other peeps let me tell you this:

- The only reason I still use Windows is to play games that require DirectX. Nothing more, nothing less. All other programs work perfectly under Wine or natively in Linux, and you will never be asked for a serial number (unless you install payware). -THAT IS BLISS -

- I do all the other stuff (design websites, watch DVD's, listen to Mp 3 etc... on my linux installation: Fedora Core IV build 2.6.11-1-i386_FC4

- I run DOOM 3 and QUAKE 4 natively on Linux, and yes they run without crashing and without blue screens of deaths, at a pace and detail level I can only dream of on a Windows platform.

- Dreamweaver MX (no, not the 2004 version) runs perfectly under wine.
See for screenshots and how to.

Now, enough gibberish, let's install Big Bill's latest baby:


Since the evaluation subscriptions are over there is no way to extend the 14 days "trial" period with an activation key provided by e-mail from Microsoft. This is a guide to extend the life of Vista past those 14 days.

Is it legal ? I dunno, and frankly see if i care. It is NOT a Crack, or program that changes anything in Windows, it just runs a little software that came with your Vista installation from M$ itself and it just activates the 14 day trial from Vista again. If they have a problem with that at M$, they should find another way to secure their oh-so-precious operating system.

This is a step by step guide, so even noobs can print it out and follow it to the letter.

1 . Get windows vista here (about 20 mins download 3.2 gig from our friends at Microsoft) Note : It is a client version not a server version.

For 32 bit click here:

MS Windows Vista Beta 2 32 bit

For 64 bit click here

MS Windows Vista Beta 2 64 bit

Windows Vista Beta 2, English 64-Bit Edition

2. Burn it onto a DVD with Nero, Easy Cd Creator, or your favorite Cd burn software:

( Personally I used K3B on Fedora Core 4 Linux at a speed of 4x to have a quality, CRC-error free iso. At last Microsoft used an ISO image, so linux users can burn it onto a DVD without having to convert it to ISO format first - that’s marketing baby -)

3. Insert it into your DVD player and reboot the PC

4. Its a Beta but yes it will ask for an installation key: enter this one:


5. Follow on screen directions and while it installs go play on your X-Box, walk your dog, take a piss, put the kettle on, watch the Champion’s League scores etc…

6. When it’s installed you have a non activated Windows Vista beta 2 release that you can enjoy for 14 days. Jeeez… that’s really enough time to evaluate it isn’t it ????
..... NOOOOOT ! , so let's extend that trial period to our liking, shall we ?


a)- For all you peeps who are afraid to stain their Vista with malware, viruses, spyware, and everything else .exe and .bat files are notorious for, follow Procedure 7a and make the time-bomb hack yourself.

b)- For every lazy bum, (just like myself) goto Procedure 7b and download the bat file.

Procedure 7a

-Bear with me: the exciting endeavour to create a .bat file to make the timebomb yourself:

step 1.

Press F1 to get the Windows Vista Help screen. (Yes for once it can help us)

- Type this : " File Extensions" press ENTER
- Click option 1
-At the "Show or hide file name exsensions" -screen, click the "show-me-step-by-step option".

This will unhide the extentions for known file types.

Question: Why do we need to do this ? (sorry guys it's also for noobs)

Answer: The guys and galls at M$ want to keep us happy and dumb and don't like us to see file extensions too much.

Question: Why not ?

Answer: Because we are about to make a file with the name SLReArmWindows.bat, and with known file extensions hidden, this file is really called SLReArmWindows.bat.txt, which we cannot execute to extend that 14 day VISTA trial period.

Still with me ?

step 2.

create a new .txt file with name SLReArmWindows.txt, edit it in notepad and copy the code BELOW the asteriscs into the file:
@echo This is an application which will #reset# the timebomb for 5381.1
@echo by v1c
@echo who found this trick? cw2k
@echo greetz: , and Levi
@echo press any key to reset..
rundll32 slc.dll,SLReArmWindows
@pause ok, it’s done.
Note: only the lines without @echo are important and do the actual hack, but let’s have a little respect for the peeps who made this, so copy it all.

step 3.

save the file and change the extension from txt to bat, you will see the icon change as well (from a txt looking icon, to an icon with gears). Accept with "Yes", every popup window that Vista throws at you.

Procedure 7 b download timebomb hack (step 1+2+3) and unrar with winrar, af filesystem comparable to .zip Install winrar if you must.

Timebomb Hack

step 4. (IMPORTANT)

- Right Click !!!! (NO, NO, NO, not just CLICK, RIGHT CLICK !)
- Right Click SLReArmWindows.bat and select the option - Run as administrator.
- Follow the directions in the dos window.

That’s it !!!

Step 5. Verification

- How can you see that this actually worked ?

- goto Control panel -> System
- verify how many days you have left at the bottom
- execute the batch file as described above (as administrator) -
- reboot
- goto Control panel -> System again
- verify how many days you have left at the bottom again. It should be 14 days

Again for the lazy ones, install automate pro, or use the windows task scheduler to rid you of that cumbersome and tiresome task of running that batch file now and then.

Enjoy Windows Vista beta 2 (at least till july 07 2007)

- Note: DOES NOT WORK !!!

Disabling the 2 services responsible for the time bomb with msconfig

- SL UI notification service
- Software Licensing


At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This doesn't work beyond around 30 days, at which time a secondary hidden timer expires and overides the 14-day visually available timer. When the hidden timer is up your installation will expire regardless of rundll32 slc,SLReArmWindows.

At 3:11 PM, Anonymous ZeroVision said...

Are you sure this Hack will work on Windows Vista beta 5384??

The .bat file clearly states:
"timebomb for 5381.1"!!

At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Dreizehn said...

Yes Zerovision, I am sure, I tried it myself and it works.

Try it for yourself and you'll see.


As for anonymous, do you have any article or proof of this somewhere, or is it from personal experience ?

At 8:41 PM, Anonymous zerovision said...

Thanks a lot, Dreizehn!

I tried the whole 'SLReArmWindows' process in my Windows Vista build 5384 and it turned the time back to "14 days left to activate".

I only hope there is no other timebomb besides this one!

At 2:03 AM, Blogger Ned Flanders said...

Well I used your solution...
ive got 5384 beta 2
works nice...
it doesnt display 14 days to me...
it only displays unlicenced machine....
and I do it 4 days before expiration of time bombing...
but thanks for the information, I was searching it for about 4 days...

Everything is Ok until now, i will write you again in 4 days... to see if it really worked.

Thanks a Lot
and visit my BLOG

At 9:42 PM, Blogger Lalo said...

Well, dreizehn, thanks for the hack, i'll still try it, but hey, besides breathing after those 14 days i wanted to see glass in all its glory. is there a way around THAT?

Thanks in adcance!

At 2:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you know how to remove vista?
without affecting my files

At 5:13 AM, Blogger Dreizehn said...

To Las Fotos Chistosas:

Nice blog man ! loved the movies and nice pics.

To Lalo: what do you mean in all its glory. If you mean AERO Glass, I would say, get yourself a helluva machine (preferably a XEON server) Lots of RAM (bout 2GIG). Let's face it VISTA is NOT ready for the consumer market. It's slow, annoying, and most of all its unfinished. We are the unpaid blue collar workers of the MS corporation. We test their buggy software, get frustrated while using it, telling them what should be changed to make their software enjoyable, and then we get thanked by MS for our hard work and frustration to buy a copy of their new OS. How outrageous is that ?

To anonymous: Get a USB stick/External HDD, copy all your files to that stick,
reinstall your favourite OS.
Replug the stick in. You kept your files and got rid of Vista.

Or am I getting this wrong ?

At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

*** I run DOOM 3 and QUAKE 4 natively on Linux, and yes they run without crashing and without blue screens of deaths, at a pace and detail level I can only dream of on a Windows platform. ***

And I run DOOM3 and QUAKE 4 natively on Windows XP and yes they run without crashing and without blue screens of death, at a pace and detail level I can only dream of...on the platform I have...

Funny - feel real good for all the ATI vid card users who can't get drivers worth a shit for Linux :P

Anyways, I use nvidia cards, and I get better framerates, etc, on my XP box than I ever have on the same machine with linux installed.

Funny how it works.

At 4:04 AM, Blogger Dreizehn said...

To anonymous 2

Did you install them GPU drivers correcly??? Dunno bout ATI, I once had an ATI card and I definitely chose an NVidia and sold that ATI, secondhand again.

Linux doesn't suck its ATI that does. Furthermore, you should see the ram and cpu processor power that Windows uses and compare it to linux.

That doesn't really have any significant impact on games who mostly rely on GPU power to run. Run 3dmark benchmarking tools and you'll see what I mean. It all comes down installing the GPU drivers correcly, who in Fedora Core 5 are as easy to install as in Windows.

RTFM and you'll sing the same song that I do.

At 10:01 PM, Blogger Tracid said...

ive had my Windows Vista installed for almost 4 weeks. The timebomb hack worked for me well until recently when i tried resetting the days back to 14 nothing would happen

I am now on my last day of Vista and i would like to keep it. Any ideas on how to extend it past the 30 days?

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous ron said...

works great, but i cant figure out how to get it to work in windows scheduler????? help please

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous ron said...

it also worked with 5472 but i only had 3 days with that one

At 12:27 PM, Blogger comrade brad. said...

my system says:

the page failed to load.

im going to assume that means its working


At 5:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this work with the latest vista released? how do i download the hack, it says file not found!

At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this work with the latest vista released? how do i download the hack, it says file not found!

At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Os0LatE said...

Running RC1 5600

Works great.

Thanks for the work around for those of us that missed the deadline to get a key. :)

At 6:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

pls send me a bomber. i just a kid and i love vista rc1 its really good but i cant create a bomber pls send to me a bomber:

At 9:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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